Sewage lift stations BEST BOX SERIES

Product characteristics

Lift stations
Garage, Wash basin, Shower
Strong prefabricated lift stations.APPLICATIONS
• Best Box G (Garage Model)
Lifting rainwater, from washing areas, garage ramps etc.
• Best Box L (Wash basin Model)
Lifting water for domestic and bathroom use, (sink, dishwasher,
washing machine)
• Best Box D (Shower Model)
Especially suitable for shower water, does not have to be buried
thanks to the tank inlet positioned at 90 mm from the bottom and a
non-return device


• Easy and quick installation
• Strong and compact construction
• Version available with or without electric pump


• Model G (Garage): High resistance PVC grill
• Model L (Wash basin): cover with overflow vent
• Model D (Shower): cover with overflow vent
• Reservoir capacity: 30 litres
• Reservoir weight: 7 kg (BEST BOX L and BEST BOX D),
10 kg (BEST BOX G)Electric pump (in models prepared)
• The BEST BOX G model can be equipped with BEST ONE VOX electric
pump (vortex impeller) equipped with float for automatic functioning
• The BEST BOX L and BEST BOX D models can be set-up with the BEST
ONE electric pump, equipped with float for automatic functioning.
The BEST BOX L model is set-up to receive waters from above, while
the BEST BOX D model is set-up to receive waters from below
• 5 metres of cable + standard socket
• 2800 min-1
• Single-phase voltage: 230V +/- 10%
• Class of insulation F
• IP68 Protection rating
• Maximum temperature of the liquid pumped: 50°C
• Max. solids size for passage: 10 mm BEST ONE
• High density polyethylene
Electric pump (in models prepared)
• Completely in AISI 304 stainless steel
• Equipped with mechanical seal as per standard

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