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Valdymo panelės ir sistemos E-POWER SERIJOS

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Control systems and panels


Water-through VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) for residential applications
(in line type, cooled by water). It controls the start&stop of the electric pump,
adjusts the motor speed according to the actual water demand and keeps
the desired pressure constant. It assures high energy saving and important
advantages in terms of comfort, performance and durability of the system.


• Installation directly on metal pipe with no valve:
– excellent cooling
– no losses
• Master/slave configuration for 2 pumps booster sets
• Very few parameters to be set before operation (desired pressure and
nominal motor current)
• ON/OFF input for a float switch or remote control
• Output relay for a warning signal or to pilot a second pump at fixed rate
• Clear and simple interface and display
• Soft-start / soft-stop (reduced water hammering)
• Several protections with settable automatic reset

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