Control panel and the EP (SD ) series

Product characteristics

Control systems and panels
ELECTROPUMPSProtection and control electrical panels for one, two or three electropumps
(versions with 4 or more electropumps can be supplied on request).
Manual or automatic operation through pressure switches or floats.
Moreover, there are 2 clamps for connecting a minimum level float or
minimum level pressure switch for monitoring to prevent dry running. The
intervention stops the electropumps and is signalled through appropriate
indicator lights on the electrical panel. The electrical panels protect the
motors against overload and phase failure. Any protection devices that
intervene are signalled on the panel itself and remotely through clean
contacts (if a remote control box is connected). The protection device
against overload and phase failure resets automatically three times, and
manually after the fourth intervention (any interventions, from 1 to 3, are
cancelled one hour after the last intervention).


• P.MIN= Operation against dry running (controlled through a minimum
level float or pressure switch) with automatic reset once the water returns
• PR= Electropump/s stop and start control
• Automatic exchange of the restart order on multiple electropump control
panel versions
• Motor protection against overload with automatic reset for three times
and manual reset the fourth time
• Motor line protection against short-circuits with fuses for motor start-up
• Transformer and auxiliary circuit protection with fuses
• Remote signalling, through NC-NA clean contact, of the protection
devices that intervene
• Operational continuity of the panel even with KL1 exchange module
excluded (only for 2EP SD panels)

• Power supply 230V +10-15% 50/60 Hz (single-phase)
400V +10-15% 50/60 Hz (three-phase)
• Temperature: from -10°C to +40°C
• Protection rating: IP55
• Reference standards: EN 60204-1, EN 60439-1, EN 61000-6-3,
EN 61000-6-1 (for civil environments)

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