Control panels with frequency converter SP series

Product characteristics

Control systems and panels
Control panels with inverter SP series modulate the operation of electro
pumps responding to the pressure trasducer control (measured by flow
rate or other external signal 4-20 mA passive) adjusting the speed of
the electric pumps to maintain constant the system demand.


• “FC”: Control panel for one electric pump with inverter
• “EFC”: Control panel for two or more electric pumps, with single
inverter but with electric pumps exchange
• “MFC”: Control panel for two or more electricpumps, with one
inverter for each individual electric pump


• Power supply voltage: 400V ±10%,
• Three phases without aid of the neutral
• Power supply frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
• Power for every motor: from 0.75 kW and above
• Type of start-up and power supply for all pumps:
– during the start-up phase, the inverter powers the pump with a
voltage ramp, the other pumps have direct or star/delta start-up
according to the electric power
– during emergency functioning (controlled by pressure switches) all
of the pumps function according to the power size at direct or delta/
triangle start-up
• Limits of use (environment temperature): from -10°C to +40°C
• Protection rating:
IP55 up to 3 kW
IP44 for greater powers
Conformity to the CE mark, EN 60204-1; Security electrical
equipment. – EN 60439-1; Switchgear and controlgear assemblies.
EMC standards applied:
– CEI EN 61000-6-1; immunity for residential, commercial, and
lightindustrial environments.
– CEI EN 61000-6-2; industrial immunity.
– CEI EN 61000-6-3; emission for residential, commercial and
lightindustrial environments.
– CEI EN 61000-6-4; industrial emission.
– CEI EN 61000-3-2; harmonic current emission <= 16A (use XL.L line
inductance to be installed on request, see ref. 8.1, 8.2).
• Emissions: conformity for residential environments.
• Immunity: conformity for industrial environments.
• Minimum output frequency: 30 Hz

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